Monday, 13 July 2015

Prize update time!!!

As Rafiki once said to Simba 'it is time'.  The party weekend is fast approaching us and as we at #internationalannaparty HQ dust off the camera (iPhone), drag partners/friends/selfie stick into gardens to help us get our whole bodies in frame and frantically stitch the hem just before doing these things...... you guys need to know about PRIZES!!!  I've been holding off on this post for so long, that i'm fully bubbling with excitement.  

I can now confirm that there will be 5 prize winners being gifted after our #internationalannaparty has finished. Even more exciting is that By Hand London themselves are being involved in the party gifting and will be judges on the semi final prize round!!!

So how are we judging the finalists and what prizes are on offer?? Read on my anna friends to find out.

We all should be aware by now how to enter the #internationalannaparty. 

Simply post a picture of your handmade 'By Hand London Anna dress' on your Instagram feed between Friday July 17th 18.00 BST and Saturday July 18th 23.59 BST 2015 using the hashtag #InternationalAnnaParty. More information and rules can be found here

First two prizes to be announced Tuesday 21st July

The first two prize winners will be chosen by #internationalannaparty HQ members Ute and Pips. Ute will be choosing her winner completely at random, which gives EVERYONE who enters an Anna picture a sporting chance at winning - no matter their sewing skill or chosen fabric. Ute is supplying some hand 'chosen by herself'  Berlin fabric market cloth! She chose my Anna dress fabric from the Berlin market and it is beautiful. Click here and here for her chosen fabrics.

Pips is choosing her favourite modified anna (modified meaning a mash up of the anna pattern but still clearly an Anna) and is offering a lithuanian linen tea towel with an exclusive Bella & Bee screen print on it!! It's so darling. These two winners will be chose and announced on Instagram by Tuesday 21st July.

How the finalist will be chosen and voting

Then we will move into round voting for the final 3 prize winners. All the members at #internationalannaparty HQ will choose their 3 favourite anna dresses, giving us 9 people that will go forward to the semi final. We will all be choosing our 3 Anna's in different ways and the semi final 9 will be confirmed on Instagram by Monday 20th July. 

These Lucky 9 people will then handed over to By Hand London, who will be choosing their 3 favourite Anna dresses (one each for each By Hand London team member). This will be confirmed on Instagram by Thursday 23rd July.

The final 3 will then go to a public vote on instagram and be chosen by counting how many individual votes each finalist gets by saturday 25th July 2015 11.59am BMT.

The finalist winner will be confirmed on instagram on Sunday 26th July. 

The final 3 prizes.

The three finalists will each receive their choice of By Hand London PDF pattern, which is being supplied by the awesome BHL themselves! The over all finalist will also win an evoucher/gift certificate/store credit to the equivalent of £20 to spend at your chosen Independent fabric shop, which is being supplied by Elle. 

So there we have it. I've compiled a few rules and other Q&A below, but if you need further answers please leave a comment and I'll get back to you ASAP. (please note I do sleep, sometimes)

Monday 20th July - 9 Finalists revealed on Instagram 
Tuesday 21st July - Ute and Pips winners revealed on Instagram
Wednesday 22nd - Rest day :)
Thursday  23rd - 3 Final prize winners announced and public voting starts
Friday 24th - Public voting continues 
Saturday 25th - Voting ends 11.59am BST
Sunday 26th - Final winner announced

Prize rules

Rules about how to enter #internationalannaparty can be found here.

The two intial prize winners being chosen by Ute and Pips will be informed publicly of their win via Instagram by Tuesday 21st of July. 

The winners will have their gift organised and sent to them by the corresponding #internationalannaparty HQ member who is supplying the prize.

As this is an international party please keep in mind that prizes may take a while to be delivered. Postage cost is included in the gift, but insurance isn't. No responsibility will be taken by the sender if the item is lost in the post. 

All prizes are final and no alternative will be considered.

If the prize winner does not contact #internationalannaparty HQ via the means described on the Instagram post by July 27th 2015 23.59 BST they forfeit their prize. 

Round voting and prize Rules

The initial 9 finalists will be announced on Instagram by Monday 20th July 

3 Final prize winners announced and public voting starts Thursday  23rd July and will run until Saturday 25th. Voting ends 11.59 am BST on all instagram HQ accounts on Saturday 25th. 

You can vote on each #internationalannaparty HQ team member for your favourite anna.
Only one vote per person on each #internationalannaparty HQ team member will be accepted. (giving you three votes)   * A Change to the final voting rules has accused due to the awesome response to the party. To help #internationalannaparty HQ count up votes, all votes must on Lauralovespugs 'final three' instagram post. You will only have one vote for the whole voting period. Please use it wisely. 

Your account must me public for votes to be counted and this will be confirmed on a third party Instagram account.

PDF patterns will be supplied by By Hand London. Winners will be given instructions on the winning post of how to claim their prize.

No alternative prize will be considered. 

The final prize of an evoucher/gift certificate/store credit to the equivalent of £20 to spend at your chosen Independent fabric shop, which is being supplied by Elle. Details on how to claim this prize will be included in the winning post. 

If any of the winner do not contact #international HQ by the means described in the Instagram post by July 27th 2015 23.59 BST they forfeit their prize. 

Good luck to all you Anna's and let's have a great party!!! 


  1. Yay! You have done such a fantastic job at organising the party, and what fabulous prizes on offer. I can hardly wait to see everyone dressed in thief finest Anna's 😀

    1. Thank you so much for your positive words! It's the first time i've ever done anything like this, so I am very happy that you are enjoying it. Im so excited to see everyones anna's over the weekend xxxxx