Sunday, 13 March 2016

instaBLOG update - Minty Banana X Peter pan collar Colette moneta pictorial.


Pattern  / Colette Moneta from Guthrie and Ghani 
Fabric   / Main dress:  banana fabric from sourced from Goldhawk road. 
             / Collar: Girl Charlee Uk solid cotton Knit collection in Aqua

If you're not already a Girl Charlee customer i'd really appreciate you using my referral link, which will earn me some rewards to spend on more glorious fabric. 

Styling / Green shoes from SeaSalt 
            / Geo Necklace made by Hannah Jane Fellows
            / Banana necklace from Punky pins
            / Jumper made by me: Seamworks Astoria in cosy solids cream from Guthrie and Ghani 
Makers notes - Current Body measurements / 36, 30, 39. Height 5'3''
                         Size made                              / M (8-10)
                         Adaptations                           / Graded waist to add 4 cms
                                                                       / Shortened by 2 inches in length.
                                                                       / Used the free collar download

Future Adaptations-                                       / Will shorten by another 2 inches

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  1. I love this dress and your astoria!! Perfect! The peter pan collar is such a nice touch too!

    1. Thank you heather. You always say the loveliest things xxx pug hugs

  2. Replies
    1. It turn out seasalt sold out of the shoe. I like to think it was us sewcialists who did it :) xx

  3. Loving the blog updates!! :-) So...A Question for you from a fellow Moneta addict...I cut out a collar (using the download pattern) in medium (same size as my dress), followed seam allowances carefully, pressed carefully...and my damn collar ended up about 10cm short. No amount of gentle stretching was going to get it to meet in the middle. Did you have any issues?? I'm assuming I did something weird/stupid, but can't imagine what it would have been (half hoping the pattern is at fault, but yours looks great!) xx

    1. 10cms! definitely something odd going on there.... Did you double check the sizing box when you printed? Funny enough I forgot to 100% scale first time. Otherwise all I can think of it the neckline stretched out before the collar was added? Stupid collar!!! xx

    2. Weird, huh?! Actually though, I think it might have been the neckline - you're right. It is pretty stretchy fabric so that's probably the culprit. So annoying though! Your collar looks great! ;-) xx

    3. If it was the neckline, do you have any one sided fusible tape? i use it on my necklines and shoulders to help it stop stretching out. Of course it's totally fabric dependant. Thank you for the collar love. I took a gamble using two different materials but luckily they played nice. xxx hope to see you soon. There is a few midland evening meet ups over march and april xx