Saturday, 18 July 2015

Just before the party ends

Well, i'm blown away. Almost literally with those balloons in my hands. I knew you guys wouldn't leave me standing alone at the party. I really appreciate every single one of you.

With the party drawing to a close I thought i'd just remind some of you of the main rules in case you've not read them. It's a very TLDR post (to long didn't read) so I'll keep this brief.

1) All entrants must have public accounts to be put forward for the prize draws.

2) Your First post AFTER 6pm BST July 17th 2015 is your official entry to the party. That time was kicked off by Ute's photo and my little 'party open' post. Any posts before this time will not be considered as entries. If you have uploaded more than one picture during the party that's cool, but I repeat YOUR FIRST PICTURE WILL BE CONSIDERED YOUR ENTRY.

3) The party finished at 11.59 BST 18th July 2015 and will be officially marked by a 'party over' picture by the hosts. Any pictures after this time will not be considered entries, but feel free to party on dudes.

For a fuller list of rules you can head here, but these are the main ones I think we need to know. None of these are new rules, just repeated info.

Big love, off to eat cake. xxx


  1. Thanks so much for hosting this fun IG party! I'm happy that I was able to finish my latest Anna Dress in time for the party. It was great seeing all the different versions. I love your photo - yay for cake and balloons!

    1. You are more than welcome! Thank you for partying with us. I was so taken aback with the amount of awesome ladies joining in and have got so much inspiration from the dresses. (totally sewing an Anna up as we speak)

      Please stick around to help vote the final winner..... just working on the blog post now :) xx