Tuesday, 21 July 2015

A tidal wave of Anna's and Inspiration.

First of all a massive massive thank you has to be said to every single one of you awesome awesome people. To the countless ladies who turned up in dresses, that have caused me to plan at least 30+ new Anna creations. The supporting bunch who commented and watched the Anna's flood in from all corners of the globe and to all my Instagram friends for not leaving me standing alone at the party. I'm utterly speechless at the amount of positivity and effort you all put in, and it made my Birthday the BEST i've ever had. (sorry mom, I still loved that 'wizardy woo' kids party where the real live white rabbit tried to escape during the performance)

Above are the 9 ladies who Ute, Pips and myself put forward to By Hand London for the semi final. Congratulations ladies!!! They are from top left to bottom right : 

We all chose 3 Anna's that sang to us for various reasons, but believe me when I say that we found this part of the party the hardest thing ever. If I thought making friends as an adult was hard, this was like accurately cutting velvet with nail clippers. I apologise with all my heart that we couldn't fund everyone of you with a goodie bag, and if I could I would forward cake to you all. Actually I may have eaten all the cake, but lets not dwell on that.

Of course, it goes without saying that none of this could of happened without the whole team here at #internationalannaparty HQ. I love you guys.  I'd like you all to take a moment to gaze at this majestic piece of photoshop and join me in hoping that one day, we can unite our team and recreate this moment. Dreamzzzz.

Although the party gift giving is drawing to a close, the final voting is yet to happen. I hope you will all support the final 3, who will be announced on Thursday over on Instagram. How to vote has changed from the original plan, because so may of you joined in. I foresee spending ages cross referencing votes for days if we remained with voting across 3 accounts. More on that later. But now, let us bask in the post glow party happy feels and be inspired to make lovely and wearable clothing. 


  1. Haha love that collage - hope it does get to happen IRL:)